Beach theme decorations

If you are having a beach wedding, there are many ways you can theme your tables and bomboniere.  Beach weddings, by their nature, are casual, so keep your decorations casual too.


The colours associated with beach weddings are often turquoise, blue, yellow, white, brown and beige/sand colour. 


Textures are a great way to carry your theme as well, with sandy textures, bamboo and woven textures looking great.

Beach tablecentre with candles and frangipani

Beach tablecentre with candles and frangipani

 You will find that discount shops stock lots of items for your beach tablecentres.  On a recent visit I found:

  • Large glass hurricane-style vases for $15 that fit one large pillar candle ($5).  Sprinkle shells in the base, then surround the vase with more shells or frangipani on the table.
  • At the supermarket large square white platters for $7 each.  Place some pillar candles on it, then surround with white stones also available at discount shops or shells, and scatter silk or real frangipani flowers or starfish around the candles (see picture).
  • Large bowls with stands which can be filled with water.  Place shells in the bottom and floating candles ($4 for pack of 6) on top.

 For your bomboniere, consider obvious beach items such as shells and starfish.  Large starfish look great simply tied with a label to serve as a place setting and a favour.  They are often coloured which can work well with your colour theme.


Large shells can be purchased as gifts, or small shells (shellfetti) can be scattered on tables, or encrust plain boxes.  Small shells can be placed in clear cone boxes, or one large shell in a clear square box.


Frangipani are always associated with the beach and the tropics, and look beautiful in wedding flowers, your cake, your table centres and your bomboniere.  Frangipani works well with pink or yellow ribbon, and real or silk frangipani heads can be attached to a bomboniere box or bag, or placed inside a clear acetate box.


For traditional bomboniere with a twist, place 5 turquoise or blue sugared almonds inside a tulle circle, tie with co-ordinating ribbon and finish with a silk frangipani.


Small starfish make a great embellishment to finish off ribbon tied around a box.


A simple idea is to buy candles in a votive glass (around $3-4 each) and glue some shells or starfish around the base.  Tie with a ribbon and tag with your guest’s name written or printed on it.


There are also many beach themed gifts/readymade favours available including shell place settings, frames, wine stoppers, beach chairs and boats.


Candles really make a beach theme come alive, place tealights on tables to enhance the ambience.   

Luminaries look great along pathways

Luminaries look great along pathways

 Luminaries are also great too, paper bags with cutouts with tealights placed inside look lovely placed along pathways to light the way for your guests in the evening.

Beautiful tables with aqua chair ties and frangipani

Beautiful tables with aqua chair ties and frangipani


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