Saving costs on your wedding cake

Cakes can be an expensive element of your wedding, with a fully decorated cake costing around $800, however there are ways to save money. 


One cost-effective option is to have the cake replace the dessert course at the reception with a dessert-type cake such as chocolate mud or mousse cake.  Eliminating the dessert course should save you money on the catering cost per person, however check with the venue as some charge cake cutting costs.


Many brides however do prefer the tradition of having a fruit cake which can be cut into pieces for guests to take home.  Fruit cakes can be bought from a baker at reasonable cost and are easy to decorate yourself or you may have a relative who is good at cake decorating (which will add a lovely personal touch to your wedding).  A range of icing can be purchased ready-made, and it’s then a matter of decorating with beautiful fresh flowers in your colour theme.


Another option which is very popular is cupcakes.  They are most cost effective (particularly if the cakes are purchased uniced) and can be presented on a tiered stand which can be hired from most cake/decorating suppliers.


Many bakeries and cake shops offer beautiful dessert-type cakes at a reasonable cost, and once decorated with fresh flowers and tied with your matching ribbon, no-one will be able to tell that you haven’t spent $800 on your cake.


To save costs in decorating the cake table, simply leave enough room to place the bridesmaids’ bouquets around it during the reception.  This gives the bridesmaids somewhere to lay their bouquets and means you don’t need extra decorations for the cake table.


Venues usually require you to provide your own knife for cutting the cake.  Use a presentable kitchen knife (white handled if possible) and tie a co-ordinating ribbon around the handle.


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