hiPP Invitation Kits

hiPP Romance Invitation Kit

hiPP Romance Invitation Kit

I thought I’d take a closer look at the hiPP Invitation Kits which The Wise Bride has added to its range in January 2009 – click here to view.

If money is really tight, these kits are a very, dare I say it, ‘hip’ alternative to having your stationery professionally printed.

At AU$14.95 for the kit and 8 cards in the pack, it works out to only around $1.90 each invite.

Each kit contains 8 DL designer cards with the pattern printed inside and out, 8 matching envelopes, 10 blank translucent insert sheets, 8 decorative bands and 10 designer seals.

The translucent insert sheets can be printed on with an adequate home printer, or handwritten.  The insert is then placed under a tab inside each card and the card wrapped with the decorative band before inserting into the envelope.

What I love about these is that they come with decorative seals which it is recommended are placed on the decorative band, insert or envelope.

However, by using these seals on bomboniere boxes, you can fully co-ordinate your stationery and bomboniere easily and save money.  Your stationery and bomboniere will be so stylishly co-ordinated at a really great price.

For example, the ‘Romance’ Invitation Kit (top) uses the silver decorative seal on a white (‘Chill’) hiPP ‘Pandora Box’ ($1.15 each from The Wise Bride)

hiPP Pandora box

hiPP Pandora box

The hiPP ‘Boudoir’ Invitation Kit uses a black hiPP ring box (in ‘Blackjack’) $1.90 each with pink seal on top.

hiPP Boudoir Invitation Kit

hiPP Boudoir Invitation Kit

With this design, you could also add some pink ribbon tied around the black box with the seal fixed over the top.

The hiPP ‘Red Hearts’ kit again uses a ring box (this time in red or ‘Siren’) with the matching seal.  Again, you could wrap pink ribbon around this box and fix the seal on top for a great look.

hiPP 'Red Hearts' Invitation Kit

hiPP Red Hearts Invitation Kit

Browse through the other hiPP boxes that The Wise Bride has available, and there are probably many more combinations you can come up with for co-ordinating your bomboniere.

Off the top of my head – the ‘Romance’ kit could have a pale pink box (or even a pillow box) tied with silver ribbon and a silver seal, and the ‘Boudoir’ kit would look really cute with a black Pandora box with pink seal.

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas for co-ordinating your own stationery and bomboniere.


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