Sugared almonds

candyalmondsassorted_largeA lot of brides ask whether sugared (candy) almonds (also known as Jordan almonds) are still a popular choice for favours, and the answer is a resounding yes!

I think with all of the other choices around, many brides still love the tradition of almonds.

You’re probably aware of the meaning of the traditional 5 sugared almonds – health, wealth, happiness, children and longevity.

Traditionally, the five almonds are tied in a tulle circle with a ribbon, however you can certainly play around with their presentation if you want something a bit more contemporary.

The Wise Bride offers a gorgeous traditional bomboniere of a silver frame.  This can have your wedding message or names printed inside, and the almonds in tulle are tied to the back.


You can present the almonds in a number of contemporary style boxes.  For something really different, you could try miniature birds nests – the almonds would look like eggs nestled in the nests, perfect for a garden or eco wedding.


Almonds also look great in clear cone boxes, or use a traditional tulle circle but decorate with a stylish ribbon or silk flower for a contemporary touch to suit your theme.


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