With so much focus on the environment, I started thinking about eco-weddings, and searching the internet to see what information is available in terms of eco-weddings, mainly what info is available in Australia, which is quite a lot…

So what exactly is an eco-wedding?  Well I guess I think of it as having a celebration which is environmentally friendly, making use of organic or recycled products.  You can go further and carbon-offset your wedding, which takes a lot of dedication and a lot more planning.

Pandora eco-leaf box 
Pandora eco-leaf box

For wedding locations, I guess the obvious choices are garden or beach weddings.   For the reception, consider a caterer who uses local and organic produce.  For confetti – obviously natural rose petals;  for transport, there is nothing more romantic or natural than a horse and cart.   Stationery using recycled, handmade paper, and the same for bomboniere (see hiPP’s ‘eco-leaf’ box above at The Wise Bride, it’s made from 100% Australian made recycled material).

If you don’t want to go so far as a recycled dress (which would be great as well as being a lot cheaper), it can certainly be made of a natural fabric like silk.  Vintage jewellery would perfectly complement an eco-wedding.

The beautiful Australian websites Natural Weddings and Eco Friendly Weddings both contain a wealth of information for planning an eco-wedding.

A Little Birdie Design Studio supports sustainable, environmentally friendly printing and design practices.

Outside Australia, there is an American green online wedding magazine called Portovert, which has a lot of great information.

And you just can’t go past the absolutely chic and beautiful blog Eco Chic Weddings, for some really lovely ideas.

Good luck with planning your eco-wedding!


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  1. Great article. Brides, see
    for other theme wedding ideas

  2. Yes, this is quite an informative one.

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