New products arriving March 09

I thought I’d give a quick preview of some fantastic new products that will be hitting the Wise Bride’s store in early March.

Classic gumball machine

Gumball machines are just perfect for a retro wedding, and now come in gorgeous black and white ($5.50 each).  Each machine contains 20 white double bubble bubblegums – add a tag (extra cost) for a great co-ordinated look.

cafe-almondsCafe almonds are a great new addition to our range of sweets.  Premium whole almonds are dry roasted, dipped in quality dark chocolate and coated with a thin layer of sugar – yum!  Available in chocolate white or mint chocolate green, they cost $28.80 kg.


This spring flower evening bag is SO gorgeous, just perfect for your flower girl or bridesmaids.  It’s available in fuschia or champagne peach, $45.70 each.

hiPP have introduced some new patterns to their funky range of boxes, such as the pretty Pandora box in ‘bloom below:


And the silver ‘lace’ box:

treasure_lace1And ‘limoncello’ is a new pattern, which to me looks quite moroccan:

earring_limoncelloSo please visit The Wise Bride soon to view these and more gorgeous new products.


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