Having used many different adhesives over the years, I just thought I’d let you know that if you are making your bomboniere or stationery, you can’t go past the following products (and no, I’m not being sponsored by them!).

Xyron tapeFor fixing paper such as stationery or making petal cones, I’ve found the best adhesive to be Xyron tape.  It’s called a ‘running tape’ but it actually comes out of the dispenser as little dots.  This stuff REALLY glues well, even on pearlised papers.  I’ve tried numerous other glue tapes, but this one really does work the best, I haven’t found any paper yet that it can’t fix.  You can buy it at Officeworks, it costs around $10 with 2 refill packs for around $7.  I think Spotlight has just started stocking it as well.

Sellotape Sticky Dots

If you want to fix flowers or dodder vine to bomboniere boxes, I’ve found the best to be Sellotape Sticky Dots – make sure you get the permanent ones.  They’re not the smallest dots I’ve had, but they are very sticky and work really well.  You can buy these at most newsagents and supermarkets, $4-5 a packet.


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