Feathers, vintage and 1920s glamour

1920s pillow box

Since stocking the beautiful range of vintage fascinators, hair combs and birdcage veils from Chameleon Designs, I’ve gone quite mad on vintage, and feathers in particular.  I jumped online to search for feathers, and began to learn a new vocabulary – ostrich ‘blondines’ and ‘pinchers’ to name a few.   Having purchased a stunning range of feathers, I began experimenting, and have come up with some gorgeous vintage designs that will be up on The Wise Bride’s website soon.

At the top of this post is a 1920s inspired pillow box with a cute diamante and pearl brooch and a white ostrich ‘pincher’.

Flower box

This cute little bomboniere once again uses the Trapunta box (I’m mad about these boxes with their diamond embossed detail) with a silk flower, black ribbon and ostrich pincher.  I’ve also designed one with a coffee coloured flower and ribbon.

And then I got really carried away and started designing a silk flower and feather bouquet.  Whilst not a trained florist, I love floral design and created all of the bouquets for my own wedding.  I haven’t quite finished it (ran out of flowers) but here’s a pic of where it’s at.  I’m hoping to add these to The Wise Bride’s website for sale as well.

Feather bouquet



9 responses to “Feathers, vintage and 1920s glamour

  1. i really want that bouquet. how much..!?

  2. I have searched your site and I do not see this bouquet for sale. Can you send me a price quote please. Do you do bridesmaids bouquets and boutineeres as well?
    How much for the box?
    Do you not have a section for bouquets?

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  4. Hey! The bomboniere was a big inspiration for my wedding…how much does it cost? I’m interested in offering them to my guests as a favor…..

  5. Hi! The bomboniere was a big inspiration for my wedding! I am interested in offering them to my guests as favors…how much?

  6. I love this and would order it today if it’s available. Please let me know. I am in NJ. My # is 617-817-3621. Thansk!

  7. Hi i love the bouquet how much also can you make it slightly bigger
    thanks pam

  8. I love the bouquet also, could you make 7 of them? I love it exactly as pictured EXCEPT I would need a deep purple (grape) ribbon/feathers instead of black.

  9. Hi There
    Are you selling those 1920s style pillow boxes or is just for display, if so can you tell me where you purchase the different things to put this together?
    Kind Regards
    Denise Walsh

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