DIY painted aisle runner

DIY aisle runner

I discovered these instructions for creating a monogrammed aisle runner on the Project Wedding website which I just had to share.  It would look absolutely gorgeous when used for a garden or beach wedding and it looks so easy to do.


–  Aisle runner (these directions work best with a thinner fabric.  If you want a heavier fabric, you might want to consider using a stencil or trace your design before painting).

–  Acrylic paints in your wedding colours (note that white can be difficult to see on white runners).

–  A fine paint brush.

–  A computer, printer and paper.

–  Sellotape.

Step 1.  Use a word processing program to print the mongram.  Play with the font sizes to get the correct size (usually to the full size of a sheet of A4 paper for the largest letter).

Aisle runner step 1

Step 2.  Print out the rest of the monogram or names/dates etc and lay them out the way you want them to be painted.  Once in place, tape them to the table so they can’t move.

aisle runner step 2

Step 3.  Lay the aisle runner over the papers and line it up the way you want it to be printed and make sure it is centred and then tape in place.

Aisle runner step 3

Step 4.  Start with painting the lightest colours first.  That way the the darker colours won’t bleed through them, and simply trace the print out with the paint.  Once you have finished, touch up any spots that need it.  Once dry, peel the runner from the paper.

aisle runner step 6


You can view The Wise Bride’s range of aisle runners here.


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