More than a bomboniere factory

Silver box

The Wise Bride is so much more than a factory that anonymously sends out your order, or even not responding to customer’s enquiries.

Our passion for weddings means that we offer a personalised service, and work with our customers to ensure they buy the perfect bomboniere, gift or accessory.

So I thought I’d share a few experiences to show how we do this.

We had a customer,  Anna, who last year contacted us to ask about rose petals.  We gave her all the details and she confirmed she would be ordering in a few months.  In my thank you email I asked her if there was anything else we could help her with – she replied that actually there was, she’d contacted another supplier about a particular bomboniere and had asked for a sample but they weren’t returning her calls and hadn’t sent the sample.  After asking what the item was I visited their website, made up a sample exactly the same and quoted Anna and she purchased them as well.

Another customer, Kathy, contacted us for some bomboniere ideas to match her beach wedding theme.  We sent her a few ideas that we put together and didn’t hear anything back.  A month or so later I’d come up with a  new design that I thought might suit her wedding and emailed a picture to her – she was ecstatic, and with a slight change to the ribbon colour, it was exactly what she’d been looking for, and will be ordering them for her wedding in a few months.

And Heather in the US is in love with our feather bouquet but wants it in red, black and ivory, so we’re in the process of designing some samples for her and her bridesmaid’s bouquets.

So, those are just a few examples of how we are different to other bomboniere suppliers.  We’re more than happy to advise on colours and styles, and we look forward to helping you in any way we can!


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