Bouquet accessories

I’ve been wanting to add bouquet accessories to The Wise Bride’s site for some time, and I’ve finally found some gorgeous products – the bouquet charms are available now and the bouquet ‘bling’ should be on the site in the next few weeks.

Sparkling crystal

Bouquet jewellery adds a gorgeous sparkle to bouquets or table centres, and glittering initials add a special touch.


Bouquet charms are the latest craze to add a special touch to bouquets, and being personalised make a great keepsake.  Made in Australia, these charms are hand stamped, which adds a whimsical touch.   They come with attached crystals and can be stamped with names and wedding date or phrases.

bouquet charm I carry your heart

bouquet charms crystal


One response to “Bouquet accessories

  1. Michelle Wilken

    My daughter is getting married and we totally loved these metal charms! Where can we find these? Or, how do we make these? Please help!

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