Martha Stewart DIY

Things have been crazy the last month or so with little time to update the blog or find inspiration, so once again I find myself turning to Martha Stewart, who is always guaranteed to inspire me.  I receive the daily email ‘Darcy’s Idea of the Day’ and thought I’d share some recent DIY ideas.

Just married banner

This lovely banner is made using letters of the alphabet, each encircled by a different border.  The letters are a whimsical take on the old-fashioned look of vintage typewriter keys. You can print the designs on standard paper and cut or punch them out; make two small slits near the top just inside the decorative border, and weave a 1/4-inch ribbon through.  You can view the detailed instructions here.  I think this would look great with the word ‘Love’ to hang on your cake table, or use your names to hang over a buffet table.

Lace clip art

This idea uses pretty lace clip art to decorate tags and favour bags – it would look great on stationery too.

Favour cones

These sweet favour cones were made using crepe paper for the liner and card stock for the outer cone printed with a quarter-circle design.  They’d be great for packaging candy almonds, chocolates or rock candy.


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