Carnival themed weddings

I’m feeling inspired by fairground and carnival themed weddings at the moment, possibly inspired by Cosmopolitan Bride and My Wedding Magazine featuring similar themes.  So I thought I’d have a look around for some inspiration and ideas.

I came across Doug and Paige’s lovely carnival themed wedding on Jamie Hammond Photography’s website  –

Adam and Halli’s wedding which can be seen on their photographer Josh Goleman’s site also provides some gorgeous carnival inspiration:

So I’ve hunted down some suppliers to help you achieve a carnival theme.

Pinwheels are so sweet and can be used by your bridesmaids instead of bouquets, as tablecenterpieces or for guests to wave instead of throwing confetti.  What’s more, they’re very easy to make Factory Direct Craft have instructions on how to make pinwheels.

These circus inspired invitations are available from etsy seller EliminateUgly:

I thought these table settings were a fun idea (although here they’re used for a child’s party!):

Again, using a child’s party idea for inspiration, Sweet Additions have some great ideas for lollipop cakes which I think would work just as well for a carnival wedding

And on to The Wise Bride’s site where we have a few carnival inspired gifts including mini gumball machines

Cellophane bags with candy bag inserts have a lovely old-fashioned carnival theme


3 responses to “Carnival themed weddings

  1. What a gorgeous lolly buffet. The colours are so alluring, not to mention the lollies themselves!

  2. The Carnival themed wedding is very novel. There’s real impact with the decor colour and style. Also sweets galor!
    Carrying the theme of the wedding through from the initial wedding invites through to the day it’s self and finishing with coordinating ‘thank you’ cards will really make your wedding stand out. The carnival theme has got great scope for creativity!

  3. The carnival makes for a great wedding theme, so much scope for creativity!

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