Handmade accessories

I’ve been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks partly due to still being in holiday mode, but also because I’ve been busy making some products.  They’ll be available on the new website once it’s up and running, and I’m really pleased with them so thought I’d do a quick preview.

I started out making this gorgeous satin rose which has a pearl + diamante centre.  It has a lovely vintage feel and I’ll use it on some of the products I’ll be making.

I’m going to be offering these on the new website and will tailor them to individual brides.  So if brides have any material left-over from their dress, or from their bridesmaids’ dresses, I can make the flowers out of that material (I only need a few scraps).  The flowers can then be attached to hair clips, bags or birdcage veils and will perfectly match the dresses.

So the first product I’ve made is a garter which again, has a vintage feel with the satin rose and a feather.  These can be made in white or black and red and have a small blue bow inside for your ‘something blue’.

Next is some decorated thongs or flip flops.  I know some brides like to wear these for their beach weddings, and I’ll be experimenting with more designs for these.   These thongs have the same satin flower and pearl + diamante clusters glued along the straps.

Next items I’ll be making include new rose petal cones with cut-out edging (very pretty) and boutonnieres to complement the vintage silk bouquet I’ve made previously.  I’ll post these once they’re made.


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