After my wedding in 2004, I discovered that I had a hidden passion for weddings.  Slowly, the idea for working in the wedding industry grew until it became overwhelming, and I knew that I just had to work with weddings.

I am wedding crazy, I just can’t get enough of them.  Watching other couple’s weddings makes me cry, and I love everything, the dress, the flowers, the cars, favours, all of the details.  It’s just so, so romantic.

The trouble is, the more research I do, and the more beautiful products I uncover, the more I want to get married again.  Every day I see something new and think ‘oh, I would love to have done that at our wedding’…

So, I started The Wise Bride to help other couples add a little more magic to their wedding day (and of course hear ALL the details of their weddings, aahh!).

The Wise Bride has a great range of bomboniere DIY kits, boxes and containers, personalised products and some gorgeous gifts.

One of the issues with our wedding was a very tight budget.  I’m trying therefore to carry this through with The Wise Bride with minimum markup, and now our blog will be even more useful with helping couples save money by being creative.  So we hope you find some of it useful for your wedding.


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  1. We had one of The Wise Brides customers come in the other day and collect some candy for her wedding guests that inlcuded the couples name in the candy. She was very excited to collect her candy which was very heavy lucky we didn’t eat it while we waited for her to come in. She was thrilled with her gift that she received with her order. I think the thing brides love about your products is the ability to be able to tailor your products to suit their wedding. Congratulations to
    The Wise Bride who are currently exhibitor of the month at the Australian Bridal Fair.

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